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HVAC Airside Equipment

HVAC Airside Equipment


Some applications require airside commercial HVAC equipment. 

The team at Hoffman & Hoffman (H&H) can assist you with airside HVAC system design and product selection for air handling units, chillers, heat pumps, cooling towers, ventilators, and more.   

HVAC Tech Working on Airside Equipment

Hoffman & Hoffman keeps building occupant comfort as a top priority.  Working with design engineers, facilities teams, and contractors, the team at H&H selects airside products with comfort goals like appropriate ventilation and conditioned air in mind.

Design Strategies for HVAC Efficiency

 Commercial HVAC airside system design strategies like incorporating dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) or heat recovery HVAC systems can boost system efficiency.  The H&H team can assess application needs and help engineers, contractors and building owners select systems with efficiency goals in mind.

Engineer Training

Hoffman & Hoffman shares the HTS view on continuing education for engineers.  They offer regular PDH seminars along with manufacturer-sponsored training for engineers.   

Engineer Training



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