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About Us

Explore a Career in Comfort

Explore a Career in Comfort

We are 100% employee owned. 



Our competitive compensation packages are designed to attract top talent.


Our people are important to us. 


Core Values

We can think of a lot of reasons why people would want to work for Heat Transfer Sales but sharing all of them might be a little intimidating.  Instead, we'll share just a few: 

Jeff and Stephanie Award

Be A Positive Force

We keep things fun, celebrate success, and believe that we can always find a way.  

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We are 100%


Our company is an ESOP and part of the Hoffman family of companies.  ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership plan, which is a retirement benefit that includes 401(k) and Roth options. 


There are approximately 7,000 ESOPs in the US, including the grocery chain Publix.  All ESOPS are governed by the IRS and the US department of labor, and they tend to grow faster than other companies in sales and employment.  Participants in ESOPs tend to have 2.2 times as much in retirement savings.  Being a part of an ESOP is an enormous financial retirement benefit to employees.   

So, how does it work?


Our employees have 401(k) retirement savings that they can contribute to. 


The company contributes a percentage of your compensation into a Safe Harbor 401(k) regardless of whether the employee contributes to the 401(k) and at zero cost to the employee.   


After an independent assessment at year end, the company contributes a second percentage into a combination of 401(k) and company stock into employee accounts, again regardless of whether the employee is contributing to 401(k).     

Continuing Education

There is a lot to learn in our industry.  We focus on providing the necessary onboarding as well as ongoing training to be sure that employees have the tools, skills, and knowledge to do their jobs to the best of their ability.  


HTS Training Class
Ongoing Training


We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid time off, holidays, medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), short- and long-term disability, health advocates, and more.  A healthy, happy employee is invaluable, and we provide benefits to ensure that our employees and their families have wellness resources. 



A Big Company That

Feels Like Family

HTS Family

  Heat Transfer Sales is part of the Hoffman family of companies with over 500 employees.  Because of this, we can leverage all the benefits that a big company can provide while still operating and functioning like a smaller, nimble business.  Most decisions are made by each individual company or, often, each branch.  Overall, we have 14 branches across four states.  But we take the time to highlight individual accomplishments, celebrate together, and engage each other via online meetings, email, and phone calls.  

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