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Building Automation

Building Automation


Experts in sophisticated equipment that gives you the ability to understand your energy use like never before.

Our sister company, Hoffman Building Technologies (HBT), knows exactly how to develop and implement building automation systems and services to save money, reduce downtime and increase productivity. Naturally, no technology solution is one-size-fits-all, so our team has mastered striking that delicate balance between initial investment, life cycle costs, return on investment, energy savings, comfort, and occupant satisfaction. We specialize in complex projects across a broad range of industries. Our combination of hardware and software from industry-leading manufacturers delivers real-time, actionable information for a floor, building or campus.


With Hoffman Building Technologies, you have energy transparency. 

Save Money with Building Automation

Hoffman Building Technologies can help to reduce funds lost to building maintenance by installing new energy-efficient systems and upgrading old equipment, which ultimately improves your company’s bottom line.

Boost Productivity with Building Automation - Employees Working Together

When integrated systems are in place, people can do their jobs more effectively.  Boosting facility efficiency will result in optimized building comfort for optimal occupant performance.

Reduce Downtown with Building Automation

Avoid system malfunctions, mechanical issue, and other things that can impact your facility’s operations.

Save Money

Boost Productivity

Reduce Downtime

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